DS9 Stories/News: Who Kissed Who Series (5)

Season 2 – Episode 14- Whispers


A Cloned O’Brien & Keiko O’Brien

KEIKO: Hard day?

O’BRIEN: You could say that.

KEIKO: You want to lie down before dinner?

O’BRIEN: No, Jake’s coming over in a little while. I promised to help him with his science project.

KEIKO: Er, Commander Sisko just called. Jake can’t make it tonight. He isn’t feeling well.

O’BRIEN: Really? He seemed okay a few hours ago.

KEIKO: Well, you know how it is with kids. He probably just ate too much junk on the Promenade after school.

O’BRIEN: Where’s Molly?

KEIKO: She’s over at the Fredricksons spending the night.

O’BRIEN: So there’s just the two of us, then.

KEIKO: We’d better eat while the food’s still warm.

O’BRIEN: The replicator can keep it warm, and I can keep you warm.

(He kisses her, but she doesn’t respond)

O’BRIEN: What’s the problem?

KEIKO: No problem. I’m just not in the mood. I had a hard day too.

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